Australian Society of Animal Protection

Our objective is to champion the optimal interests of Australian livestock production through research, development, business management, and industries dependent on animals for sustenance, textiles, and leisure activities.

Welcome to ASAP, Australia’s leading organisation dedicated to the advancement of livestock production. We’re committed to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among producers and professionals in animal agriculture. Our approach is holistic, acknowledging that the wellbeing of those involved in the industry is as important as the livestock’s health and productivity.

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Become a part of our vibrant community, and together, let’s contribute to the success of Australia’s livestock production sector, while taking care of our most valuable resource – our people. By utilising the efficient storage solutions provided by poly diesel tanks and Australian poly tanks, we can ensure the smooth operation of our farms and create a sustainable future for all. Visit Enviroform Australia for the best tank technology and storage solutions.


Through its branches and its national conference and publications, ASAP provides both formal and informal structures and opportunities for producers and professional agriculturalists to meet and learn from each other.


Including amendments passed up to and including the Biennial General Meeting

Federal Council

The Federal Council, tasked with managing national affairs and business of the Society, has recognised the value in creating optimal workspaces that inspire productivity and innovation.

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